hey i am here again. these pictures were some of the ‘memoirs’ i have when i was still in my first year high school. the pics are courtesy of lira’s multiply. just go to the links.

i really think that high school is the second hardest and happiest part of education. you think more mature and meet the people who you really can trust and confide too. i guess it’s still almost two years before we go to college. and i don’t want a school with the thesis. haha.

some days before we go to second year high school! biology? okay. haha. june 5 is the first day. and the new 2nd year section is II-Pag-Asa. oh.ok. hahahaha. pag-asa? not bad!

a while a go when we’re in the car and going to my dad’s office and before we drop my mom to her office, there’s a story. here it goes:
“mama may aanakan ka pala?” i said.

“aanakan?” laughingly, my father said.

“baka naman aanakin?” my mother told me.

“a..oo nga noh! hahahahha..(continuous laughter)” i said.

“paano ung pulutan at pulutin?” my mother said.

“pulutan mo nga yan!” i demod/ed..ewan!

and my mother and father just laughed.

okay. haha. that’s what i can say.

here’s a failed wish: da vinci code is Rated R.
and thanks to dani who said it’s just PG13. yep. dunno. looking for it, though. dani said to look at the site. PG-13 nga. find this site. click!

lastly, this long time yaya of mine sent a letter to me on my birthday! and received it only after 1 month! delayed. she’s already in syria! cool, right? haha. i tried to email her a while ago but there’s an error. her 2 email addresses are not working! geez. maybe next time or i can send her a card.

i got to go now. later!


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