He’ll Be Dazzling Me AGAIN.

I have it! :”> Yay!

This time it cost me Php 649 just to buy it. Hardbound kasi, e. And it’s my first time to use my card. Nakakapanghinayang nga lang but it’s really worth it! Once again, I got so thrilled! I’ll be reading about the Bella and Edward, my couple of the year. ♥ And I really wish that Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart would also be in real life. Kasi, I read some article na Rob has a crush on Kristen! ♥♥♥

I searched through the internet about the Cullen’s cars and it directed me to Stephenie Meyer’s webbie.

My first pick: the car which Edward used to take Bella to the prom

Rosalie’s M3 Convertible! Ang ganda, diba? (:

Moving on… my friends — Denise, Jamie and another Frances — and I were planning to go to St. Francis’ Square to buy some DVDs. Asianovelas, particularly, and some good movies. They wanted to by ISWAK 2, Witch Yoo Hee and others. Masyadong mahirap bigkasin para matandaan ko. xD GG na rin para masaya. :”>

Guys.. favor? Could you give me some DVD titles/movies to buy? Thanks!


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