Frances = Frances

I know you only read my URL. Haha. :>
Well, if you could be very kind enough to click on it, you might as well see me in words written by two people. Yes, me. In a one whole sheet of paper, we’ve written words that describe ourselves, our chosen partners and one person who’s close enough for me to call as a stranger in our PROSEC class. It was really fun, at least for me.

Bana: Miss, can we use G-Tech?
Mrs. B: I don’t care if you use Panda as your ballpen but any regular ballpen will do.

I really have to go now. Senior is totally f-u-n but life can be so serious. Though I’m happy that I’m getting lots of high grades. A total EXCEPTION is Physics. You don’t wanna know why because I’m not gonna tell either. (:

I’m aspiring to be a Merit Awardee at least THIS YEAR. Meaning I’ve got to have all subjects to be a line of 9 at the end of the whole year which is awfully hard. And all these would be the last in high school.

God, please hear me. I’m begging you. 😀
And please wish me the best luck.


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