Money Matters.


1. List the names that you are called by and name the people who call you by these names.

2. Tag ten others to do the same thing, paste the link of your entry on their guest books.

  • Frances. It`s the name almost everybody calls me before… they called me my second name. My name means “free,” by the way. OH YEAH. That`s what my mother calls me when she`s angry.
  • Mer. My not-so-popular name. At least ALL of my friends call me that. It was the name I decided to have in my ID since my sophomore year and the rest was, well as they say, history. Where did I get this name? From my grandmother.
  • Brader Mer. I actually don`t know why I was called like that by some of my classmates. They made up this sorority which was kind of ironic `cause we had these boy names (we`re studying in an all-girls school, okay?) like Gabo, Mato, Big Boy Shobes, Zoren and the like. And we have this Multiply site a long time ago in Bethlehem. Wanna see it?
  • Franzmer. My “screenname” before Mer actually came into my mind. Franzmer started with Y!M. See, I have franzmer_23 once as my ID. My classmates also once called me that before I was called… (Oh, Lira still calls me that.)
  • Franz. Alright, this was a much shorter version of the Franzmer one. They — my classmates and friends — shortened it because, maybe, they got tired of it. Eventually.
  • Ate Fran. One cousin calls me that. Andwho made that up? My Tita.
  • Ate Ces. Ate Fran and Ate Ces. I always think of that as a funny combination BECAUSE a cousin also calls me that so when they shout my name, it was like one`s “Ate Fran!” in one room and the other was “Ate Ces!”
  • Orangetwothree. My Multiply ID. Some people call me that and I call them by their Multiply ID too!
  • Ces. It’s the name that my parents call me.
  • Lim. Proctors call me that.
  • Ate. Carla calls me that `cause we`re “sisters.” See, we had this “family” in second year. We had our parents (Karen and Kaori) and 2 sisters (Gemma and Kate). Too bad we didn`t have much time to act like a family. People come and go.
  • Merrilicious Depth. That`s supposed to be like Fergalicious def-. Camille might have heard it wrong. Well, I honestly thought that it was dip. ((=
  • Merrilicious. Karen started it all.
  • Weewee. Agie! It all started with a text. Agie texted me about some poopoo message and I suddenly called her PooPoo and she called me Weewee and we had this little family of disgusting things.
  • Frances Mer V. Lim. People call me that during my birthday and when they`re surprised because of me.
  • Merr. They wrote, said and shouted it. They weren`t satisfied of Mer only (`cause it`s all about the rrrrrr sound) and added one r!
  • Merli. When Tamtam wrote me a retreat letter, she decided to call me Merli.

OHMYGOSH. These were all about me! My name pala. Haha.

I love my Multiply banner! ♥

At least, he survived HongKong. ((:

My title isn`t connected with anything I posted. Hahaha.
Money Matters. (Labo.)




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