With All The Joys and the Drama.

I`m posting a new post. OBVIOUSLY.
I`m in no joke time mood today, though.
I had to get serious.
Really serious.
You get that?

I`m kidding! I`m just terrified of what I`m watching right now: The Mirrors. Can mirrors really do those? No is my answer but they can if there are evil spirits lurking around. You might wanna watch it so you`ll see for yourself the “thrills” the movie gave me.

&Rihanna and CB`s concert. I didn`t miss a lot. Did I? I was actually in the verge of buying tickets (for me and a friend) for the concert. Those were silver ones for P2,500 but I didn`t buy. I got lazy. 😐 Haha. After I saw all the videos about the concert, I regretted what I`ve done. Sana pumunta na lang ako.

&This third quarter, the shortest part of the schoolyear ever which will last until the 19th of the next month, I am absolutely gonna do my best to raise my grades to even higher ones. I JUST HAVE TO. (I`m convincing myself. Haha.)

&Agie tagged me. She`s one of the persons I really miss. Tagged in Multiply, answered in Blogspot.

1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger posts ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules. You need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don`t forget to leave them comments telling them they`ve been tagged and to read your blog.

  • I think I have scoliosis. My hipbone (if that`s even a part of the affected one) is hurting for a couple of days already.
  • I sometimes wear unironed clothes most specially when I`m lazy.
  • I`m experiencing hypomania. It`s a type of a bipolar mood.
  • I`m starting to get tired of orange. I wanna try red. As a favorite color, I mean.
  • My grandfather needs prayers because he is sick. 😦
  • Serena & Demi are LOVE.
  • I hate damn “feelers.” (e.g. feeling close, feeling rich, feeling popular)
  • So, you think you can dance? Yes, I do. 😀
  • I AM EXCITED FOR TWILIGHT. There have been too many talktalktalks already. I just wanna watch the movie!!
  • I wanna sleep.

I`m SO tagging no one. (Ang arte ng dating. Haha.)

&We`re having a batch camping on the 28th to the 29th. I wonder if we`re gonna have, like, the whole high school for a camping? That would be… uh, very hot. =)) Literally, a.

&”If I Were A Boy” is currently my song of the week. I wonder what song it would be next week? I`m excited for the next episode of Heroes! And, Gossip Girl? Well, it just keeps on getting better! xD Oh, tell me. Who do you want Nate to date? Jenny or Vanessa? (No, I`m not include you. LOL.) Wow, rhyming.

I`m ending this post in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….
Ciao, people! :*


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