Officially The First Day of Christmas Break.


I can`t believe we`re on vacation already. :> :> :>
4 days more and it`s Christmas!
I am feeling cold :)), excited, anxious, thrilled and eager to feel Christmas.

Tae. All I can talk about is December 25th. :))
We had our school Christmas party last Friday, btw. It was fun but it would be much more if we had games and stuff. Guess what? I finally have moolah! Thanks to my mother`s officemates and Maika who picked my paper during our exchange gift.

Nicole, Denise, Jamie, Camille and I :>

Patty and I during our recording session for our Music project.
Hay na`ko. This project was SO crammed because our great teacher
didn`t tell us we had to pass something like this beforehand.

Mel and I during our Club Christmas Party
@ Engine 46 at Royal Place. :>
(I had so much fun here. We had burst moments.)

I don`t have anything to talk about right now. The next two days, perhaps, I`m gonna be able to talk about sensible things here. Besides, it`s just the first day of vacation and there are still LOTS of parties and the like out there. So far, all I wanted to do is to go to EK.

OH. We had this Christmas party for the Softball Team. I was there though I didn`t know how to catch softballs. HAHA, labo. Anyway, we ate at Alyssa`s house in Fairview and I had this passive attitude again so I decided just to be alone at times. Yes, I got kinda bored because I didn`t quite know anyone there. After many blahblahs, we ate and had our exchange gift thing (why do we always have to have Kris Kringles anyway?). I picked Myra and Kaila picked mine but Kaila isn`t there so IDK what will happen. HAHA. Karen offered us to give us a “ride” along the street and gawd, akala ko mamamatay na kami kapag nagbebrake siya. =)) I`m kidding. Donna also tried to drive. After 30 minutes, we went to Quezon City Circle to bike. I didn`t know how to so I, together with two people, rented that whatever-that-bike-is-called for a hundred pesos. Jusmeh, ang hirap magdrive nun. We were, like, bumping everyone`s bike and we caused traffic. 😐 :)) 45 minutes passed and it was time to go, sadly. I still had to go somewhere so “bye, people. I had fun!”

HAHA. I hafta go `cause there`s somewhere I hafta go to. :))
Ciao! 😀

During the second Misa de Gallo…

Frances: Mama, gusto ko yung pangalan ng anak ko, Eliazar… Eliazar Zarubabeel! (with the matching mocking face)
Mama: Pwede ding Swarovski.
Frances: HA? Ano ba yan, Mama! Ginawa mo namang alahas yung apo mo. HAHAHAHAHA.

Shit. Nasa simbahan pa kami nun a. =)) =))


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