Set the Program

Pre-caution: IT allergic people are forbidden in this post just in case. Haha, I’m kidding 😀

Believe it or not, it’s already been my second day of figuring out how my programming project will turn out — at least for its user interface. Anyhoo, it was such of a big help since I get to skim through the other codes for Java. I’m pretty proud of myself, though, because I got to accomplish stuff and learn CSS!



Here’s what my program looks like as of the present 🙂 I wish to finish it in time… meaning, before the sem ends.

I won’t leave this entry with that, though. Who wants sushi? They’re from Tempura, a restaurant just beside Gerry’s Grill in TriNoma. Their food are more than just deliciously, mouth-watering- looking. Here’s two of what we ate for our dinner celebrating my father’s birthday!


Kani Salad Maki


Mixed Sushi


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