So, hi. Here’s a new attempt to blog, or perhaps, have an online diary because I don’t have the best will to keep a written one. Plus, I just need somewhere that I can “write” on. Emphasis on the quotation marks.

So we got home past ten in the evening after eating at one of the food hubs in Visayas Avenue. We had the best grilled cheese sandwich burger that I’ve ever eaten, a round of pizza, an amount of chicken gizzards, and an order of chicken wings. The last was supposed Sriracha-spicy, but, dang, it only tasted like a subtle hot sauce.

It’s nearly 2AM, and I’m thinking about: 1) how to get a Chinese visa, and 2) how to I get a financial statement of 100K in 4 months. And here’s the challenge: I’ll be having a new job by mid-May, and it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be getting a financial document documented with six months worth of salary from the new job. Even though the questions begin with “does it really need to be that amount?”, I’d better get the assurance!


While browsing through the laptop, I found these 2005 photos of SM Mall of Asia taken with my very first point and shoot.



Stop, breathe, don’t think.


My mother asked me ten years ago, “Nature lover ka talaga ‘no?”

Ever since the world has increasingly motivated itself to be physically civilized, it seemed like we have lost control of whatever we might have held before — our childhood, a relieving sight of the genuinely green environment and maybe, just the simple happiness we can see from the faces of the strangers we’ve met. Although I’ve lived almost two decades of my existence in the city, I must have discerned a hundred times of what would it feels like to live in the province or simply a place with only the nature to appreciate — bright blue skies, gracious flowing waters and fresh air.

Nature will never cease to amaze me. And my reply to my mom? I just smiled. Yes, I do love nature.