Unemployed Day 1

I haven’t mentioned this before in anywhere of my social media accounts except for Facebook, but I’m now out from my first corporate job ever. And in two weeks, I’ll be beginning another life with a pioneer team at another organization. Still the same, but heck, I’m too excited to even start!

Being officially unemployed, I got a few chores off my list, watched a new Korean drama 10 hours straight, and, now, I’m finally seated to do work.

Yes, because hustling never stops! Oh, and I even cooked for myself which isn’t exactly a usual thing for me to do when I’m at home.

That’s probably it for now – hooray for today!

Featured image was taken in Guimaras in 2012, a trip with my blockmates. 



To take some time off of things, aka school works, and to maintain the good vibes, I got my camera and shot these. Although these aren’t anything like food, which I still have three more posts to go, these pens are the best subjects ’cause everytime I take pictures of them, the variety of colors simply encourages me.

You know what they say,  “It’s the little-est things that bring happiness.”




Have a great Sunday, everyone. 🙂


The first days of my last year in school are finally over. Yay!! I’m stuck with five or so readings already, though. As for the time being, I’m taking a ~*break*~ from school works… for an hour. I still couldn’t post the rest of my Chinatown trip with Nixie for the same reason — school. Though hopefully I can post everything by this week!

One afternoon at the library. 

My then plain orange notebook turned into this with some recycled magazines 
and a magazine plastic cover. I must have been inspired by our Emerging Technologies professor
with “Imagination is the fruit of human creativity.” Okay, what? 


Of course, Happy Father’s Day to every dad in the world!! 🙂

Four things to tell to our fathers as the priest imparted earlier in his homily:

Thank you.
I’m sorry.
I forgive you.
I love you. 

Short ones but can mean everything.

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/edit. Not really the best post for the month. Lol