Wandering Tokyo

I have honestly never thought of celebrating an important milestone in my life in Japan, and during spring, among all other seasons. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

Got to travel with the most important people in my life last week of April, which coincidentally is the week of the cherry blossoms’ full bloom and my quarter-year birthday.

We got to see places in Tokyo – from Shibuya, Harajuku, Asakusa, Ikebukuro, and Yoyogi. With a short time, we found out how efficient Japan’s transportation network is, and how it can be tiring to change trains for two to three times a ride. With thirteen persons with me, it was quite challenging to lead the way especially when everyone had their own wishes and agenda. It was, nevertheless, a fulfilling role, but never will I do it again! Took the energies away from me.

These are some of the images that I have, gathered from my actual photoblog for our Japan trip.

This was, indeed, a fulfilling trip for everyone! I am very much looking forward to my next ventures in Japan. Still in my so-called Japan bucket list are:

  • go to Kyoto and Osaka, first and foremost!
  • have a cloud-free visit to Mt. Fuji
  • see a Geisha
  • visit Tokyo’s Piss Alley
  • indulge on Kobe’s prime steaks
  • get around Hokkaido on a winter (and possibly have myself chilled to the maximum level)
  • enjoy Tokyo’s Happiest Place on Earth – aka Tokyo Disneyland/Disneysea
  • experience Shinjuku and have more street food!
  • take a good top-view photo of Shibuya Crossing
  • have a sight and possibly feel Nara’s deers
  • …and much more!

My family and I didn’t actually get to experience Mt. Fuji due to weather constraints so we had to cancel our morning plans; we got to go to a somehow empty Imperial Palace Gardens, instead.

Still can’t explain my thoughts on Tokyo, really, since I feel like I need more time to indulge myself in the city. But! There’s always a reason to go back! In the meantime, go see my photoblog here, yo: https://franceslim.exposure.co/tokyo-2017.

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Cold in June

June 2015, I was privileged to travel to Europe – particularly in Norway. That time paced too fast that by the time I was able to catch my breath was the time that I was already on my plane seat to Stavanger from Amsterdam. The 45-minute flight was a combination of nostalgia and mild fatigue since for the whole 23 years of my life, I could have never imagined that I could do so much in a span of a week. Passport, visa forms and interview, travel documents, and rush applications… not to mention the 18-hour long plane ride – it was exhausting for starters.


Weekend of spontaneity

When original plans do not work out, we get ourselves to divert to any of our contingency plans. And that’s what happened to the weekend of Valentine’s Day 2016: instead of hiking one of the highest mountains of the Philippines, as initially planned, we resorted to  visit to the, probably, coldest places in Luzon: Baguio.